unusual musical genres

Top 10: The most unusual musical genres

There are so many musical genres that it’s not easy to understand them. Knowing this, we have collected in this list 10 of the most unusual musical genres, of the existence of which few people suspect: 10. Burger-Highlife You probably thought that this genre is on this list because of its funny name. And you[…]

Hobbies of popular musicians

You see your favorite musicians on the stage, in their music videos, and award ceremonies, but have you ever wondered how they spend their free time? This is your chance to dive a little deeper into the lives of famous artists, and know a bit more about them as people. Some have more traditional hobbies, and some manage[…]

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Invite the Next Star to the Living Room

YouTube concerts can wake up audiences and introduce new musicians. Through the office around the copier, a group of people crosses the hidden terrace. They take the cans out of their backpacks and sit on the floor. Bright sunshine shines among the trees and several visitors comment on the view of Hradčany, Czech Republic. There[…]

Why music education really matters

Why music education really matters

There are many reasons why music education matters to the people who learn it. Research shows that children who are exposed to music early enough are much more successful in most spheres of life that they engage in. As such, children who are exposed to music at an early age are known to do well[…]

The Secret of Highest Paid Musicians

The Secret of Highest Paid Musicians

As a famed singer, one is recognized for their personal voice, exotic abilities, and performance. The sound of low revenue charge cards may appear to be a good idea if you’re in need of some excess cash to cover a few things, but realistically, if you’re not earning enough to cover things out of your[…]

What does our music do about us

What does our music do about us?

Listening to music is a relaxation for all of us, and nowadays we can no longer ignore our daily lives. Almost daily we listen to the most diverse sounds from our headphones, the radio or the loudspeaker. But what does our favorite song or our favorite genre say about us? Music mirrors our character as[…]

Can music help with depression

Can music help with depression?

Music, there is probably no one in the world, who does not love the music in one way or the other, idolizes or even looks as a survival. For many, music, either listening or making oneself, belongs to a normal life day. But how does it work? With just a few notes one can create[…]

Best Free Music Creation Software I Have Tried

Best Free Music Creation Software I Have Tried

Below is a list of some of the best music creation software available online. But important points to take into consideration before you download the software is that the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins must be functional. It is also important to ensure that the computer is powerful enough since it will be used as[…]