Can music help with depression?

Can music help with depression

Music, there is probably no one in the world, who does not love the music in one way or the other, idolizes or even looks as a survival. For many, music, either listening or making oneself, belongs to a normal life day. But how does it work? With just a few notes one can create whole melodies one the heart. But music can be even more, because it is able to change the mood and to provide happiness. In addition, it is also said that music has therapeutic abilities. But how does it manifest itself? We used to be smart.

Music helps to tackle problems. Especially at night the head tried to process everything in the day to process the good and the bad things. If you can listen to a little music, it is always a little easier to get all the thoughts out of the system and to stifle the underlying depression. Music is also always stimulating, speak it motivated to try new and to remain true to itself. If, for example, you want to write a blog or want to be sporty, this is always easier with music, since it both distracts and stimulates. Depressive thoughts or even mourning have less chance of breaching.

Furthermore, it is also physically relevant because music also has other talents. If you often listen to quiet music – or even less quiet, depending on your personal taste – this can make sure that the heart beat and you get a little rest. Interestingly, especially Celtic music or the well-known Reggae are highly recommended to lower the blood pressure. So often times something new look at the music! This is exactly the same with breathing. Relaxing music makes the breathing easier, which also has a positive effect on the general well-being. This is also the reason why music plays in the background in many operating rooms in the world, as doctors can concentrate on their work with a lighter breathing and a calmer hand.

Of course you have to mention the music therapy here; Here, people play together and practice their own demons. Usually, people come together in a group to play once a day. From 20 minutes to an hour, these times often vary. That is why the Irish are also known as a happy people, as they meet at least once a week for their jam sessions to make music in the pubs. They simply know that music belongs to life and happiness. So yes, music can always help to tackle different kinds of depression and solve it, which is why music plays a big part in our lives.