Hobbies of popular musicians

You see your favorite musicians on the stage, in their music videos, and award ceremonies, but have you ever wondered how they spend their free time? This is your chance to dive a little deeper into the lives of famous artists, and know a bit more about them as people. Some have more traditional hobbies, and some manage to surprise fans even with their leisure activities.

This list will also be very useful for you if you have been thinking about finding a new hobby for yourself. Maybe this is the day when you realize that you have more in common with your favorite artists than you thought. Have a look and start looking for a possible new hobby!

A sweet way to spend time

For example, Flea, who is the bassist of the famous band Red Hot Chili Peppers, mentioned in one of the interviews that his main hobby is taking care of bees. This all started in 2015 when Flea started learning more about these insects, and now he has 3 hives and more than 200,000 bees. He sometimes likes to post updates on social media while wearing a proper beekeeping attire.

A good way to relax

Robbie Williams has shared multiple photos online of him playing poker with close friends and his wife. Few years ago, he even created a poker website where players could win tickets to his shows and to meet and greets. Poker is understandably a good way for Williams to relax after a long show. Moreover, this a very popular hobby because games like these are something that a lot of people can learn to play and enjoy. If you are interested in learning more about casino games, more info is here. Maybe someday you could sit down with Robbie Williams and play poker together?

Something unexpected

Rod Stewart is usually known for his best-selling albums and full arenas during concerts, but not many people know that one of his main passions is making model trains. This hobby has almost become an obsession for Stewart, and the famous rocker has explained that he sometimes takes his model trains on tour with him. Rod Stewart confessed that he sometimes asks for a second room in hotels just for his model trains. He likes to create a special place for his personal model workshop during tours and this way he does not forget his hobby even when he is on the road.

All of these musicians have different hobbies, which show their character. Maybe something on this list was also interesting to you, and you would consider trying out a new hobby? Well, whether you think that you would enjoy beekeeping, casino games or making train models,  you can start practicing and gaining knowledge about these hobbies. Maybe one day you will meet Flea, Robbie Williams or Rod Stewart, and you will get an opportunity to discuss these leisure activities with them. It would make a great first impression!