Top 10: The most unusual musical genres

unusual musical genres

There are so many musical genres that it’s not easy to understand them. Knowing this, we have collected in this list 10 of the most unusual musical genres, of the existence of which few people suspect:

10. Burger-Highlife

You probably thought that this genre is on this list because of its funny name. And you are right – it is because of this that the genre got into this list. The name of the genre is so unusual that when you add a song of this genre to the playlist of your mp3 player, the player may self-destruct, trying to put it in some category.

Music is distinguished by the use of jazz guitar, the main motive of the jazz trumpet and synthesizer. The genre was invented by immigrants from Ghana in Germany, because of what it is considered a German style of music. The genre is unique for Ghanaian immigrants in Germany, but not in other countries. Realize what you have read: people from Ghana in Germany perform a unique version of Afro-Pop and call their music Burger-Highlife.

Honestly, of all the proposals that could be written in the world – this is one of the strangest.

9. Unblack Metalkeep-calm-and-listen-to-unblack-metal

Although this does not apply to all bands performing black metal, the genre is often associated with Satanism or something evil and dark, apparently because Satan is very much like a metal player. Unblack-metal is no different from its progenitor, except that Christian words and ideals are reflected in the words of the songs. Groups of this style of music are very contradictory, and this is too mildly said.

The general sound is that non-bad metal does not differ from black: it also has a growling, a guttural vocal, distorted guitar, speed parts, and unusual structures of musical compositions. The only real difference is that behind the wall of sound you find words about how Jesus is a cool guy.

Because of this, the comments on the clips of non-metal bands on Youtube are very funny and sad at the same time.

8. Chiptune

Chiptune – a kind of electronic music, synthesized audio chip early game consoles or slot machines. Which is quite beautiful. The musical compositions of this genre usually sound like sounds from computer games of the 80s, although sometimes they contain elements of other genres or singing. In short, this is music from the games, but you can get drunk and dance in clubs with this music without people thinking that you are some kind of freak dancing to the music from Mario. Cool, right?

Although pure Chiptune is relatively unknown, some of its elements are already becoming widely popular. For example, if you watched the movie “Scott Pilgrim Against All” or played the same game, you heard the Chiptune. Also you could hear it in “Time of Adventures with Finn and Jake“. In fact, the Chiptune is everywhere: even the singer Kesha uses the recognizable Nintendo sounds in the main verse of Tik Tok. If you prefer not to listen to Kesha and take our word for it, we will understand. Maybe you prefer MGMT – Kids. However, even when playing games online, some people still prefer pop or rock music instead of classic sounds. Me too. I’d take Guns n’ roses slots with great FREE bonuses any time over classic one-armed bandits.

7. Visual Kay style

Visual Kay styleVisual kay is simply amazing. If you are not already familiar with it, you will have a wonderful discovery. Visual-kay is characterized by androgenic outfits, giant head of hearings and classy guitars. If you have not guessed yet, this is naturally a Japanese style of music. Moreover, according to this description, you can safely say that this is the most Japanese that one could write.

It’s hard to define visual-style music by something, because bands working in this genre play everything, from glam rock to heavy metal. Some even argue that this is more a subculture or a new trend in fashion than a full-fledged musical genre. And yet, it’s hard not to pay attention to groups in which peasants, dressed as prostitutes of the Renaissance, play guitar solos.

6. Pirate Metal

Some genres have to be described for a long time so that readers can understand what is included in them. To describe others, it is enough to write their name. Pirate metal is one of those that you do not need to describe – according to the “surprising” coincidence, the groups in this genre sing about pirates. To lovers of irony because of this, it is a lot of fun to illegally download their songs.

The genre is similar to traditional metal, with some elements of old sea songs of shanti, after all shanti are very pleasant on hearing. As a bonus, the bands rarely perform not in full pirate attire and welcome when their fans come to concerts in their respective outfits. Just think: you can get drunk in a pirate costume with hundreds of other pirates while a group in pirate costumes sings songs about pirates. If this does not seem like a fun pastime, get out of the Internet right now.

5. Shoegazing

Shoegazing is a subgenre of alternative rock, during which the musicians stand in passive, withdrawn poses. In other words, they do the opposite of what other musicians of other genres should do.

The genre was so named because the musicians at the concerts looked as if they were considering the socks of their shoes instead of “working with the public”. In their defence, this behaviour was justified by the fact that this genre uses numerous guitar gadgets. The use of gadgets was aimed at making the voice of the vocalist part of the melody of the song, and the vocals were not so detached from other musical instruments.

Music is certainly a very subjective phenomenon and different people understand different things under good music, but it does not seem strange to you that someone wanted to play in a genre in which the musician constantly has to look down, as if he is afraid that someone will run a boot into him?

4. Wizard RockWizard Rock

We thought that pirate metal is the strangest thing that rock bands can sing about? You were wrong, because you have not heard about the magic rock. As in the case of pirated metal, reading the genre name is enough to understand everything: these groups sing on behalf of characters who waving magic wands and can turn a person into a stone if they want to.

Despite the fact that there is an abyss of wizards that you can compose songs, groups of this genre usually sing about Harry Potter, probably because the songs about Gollum would be too strange. Seriously, Gandalf is part of a popular culture for several decades, and in honour of it, you cannot write at least one lousy song? And in honour of all sorts of suckers, such as Potter, who was not a good magician, they come up with a whole musical genre? Gandalf, wake up! The boy is wearing glasses.

3. Bubble-gum Dance

Bubble gam Dance is so sweet and sugar genre that by listening to it you doom yourself to caries. Imagine “Nyan Cat” on drugs. In general, it’s music that you cannot dance to without looking like an eight-year-old girl, or as if you took Ecstasy.


The genre is characterized by the incredibly stupid lyrics of the song, as well as by the fact that it should not be taken seriously, which is refreshing enough after groups that sing about how everyone hates them or about how demons should be given in the face. Genre bubble-gum Dance – this is what would have happened if at the time of composing lullabies, people would have been already familiar with the dubstep.

2. Jawaiian

Jawaiian is a Hawaiian reggae, simple and understandable. At the moment you probably already saw that to create a new musical genre you can just mix two things and see what happens. In this sense, music is like chemistry, but instead of terrible chemical burns, you will get a nice reggae with a taste of Hawaii. Which, probably, is much better. Now you know what to include when a girl comes to your house.

1. William Shatner Covers

Whether it’s a true genre of music or not, because what William Shetner does with the songs is so terrible that it’s better to take them to another genre, just so that the songs of other genres do not get infected with it. If you have to characterize his music, then, perhaps, it is spoken music, but on the other hand rap is also spoken music, and rap is not so bad.

To hear Captain Kirk lazily reading the words of the song “Common People”, while the musicians have to play for him, causes the deepest depression. Just because of the fact that these musicians will be paid several times less than Shetner. Although, in order to be fair to Shetner, it is still better than * insert here the musician whom you hate *.