What does our music do about us?

What does our music do about us

Listening to music is a relaxation for all of us, and nowadays we can no longer ignore our daily lives. Almost daily we listen to the most diverse sounds from our headphones, the radio or the loudspeaker. But what does our favorite song or our favorite genre say about us?

Music mirrors our character as well as hardly any other leisure activity. With the help of music, the gateway to our unconsciousness is opened. What one might possibly think is that people who hear mainly classical music are more intelligent than those who listen to cheap gangster rap. As well as the listeners of hard rock are more violent than people who enjoy quiet pop and pop. This does not apply to everyone and is often a stereotype.

It is also proven that all people can be divided into two types according to their musical taste. One differentiates between empathists and systematics.

Empathicians mainly hear blues and pop. People who correspond to this group are very sensitive and gentle to themselves and others. Such persons are very good lovers and others are less injured. For this they often reveal too much of themselves and thus create a lot of attack area. In addition, these people often make false compliments or do not say their honest opinion to others not to be hurt. Nevertheless, they are very good listeners and very lovable, but can also be easily injured. Of course, this does not apply to all listeners of the genres, but some of them are mostly true. Often women are more likely to be included in this category.

Systematics feel rather loud and complex sounds and songs. The listeners mostly listen to the music genres electro, rock or house. Often these people are more spirited and a bit wilder. For this they are very honest and like to express their opinion. They often also have a greater self-awareness, which is due to the fact that the texts and sounds from the mentioned genres have a hardening effect. Much in this group applies to men.

The music taste changes with most people over the course of time very strongly. So it may be that a year-old jazz listener in his pension years prefer to listen to pop or classical music. This is not a bad thing at all, but it often changes our way of thinking more than we might think. Hip-hop and rock make people often think more critically and often give them a negative attitude. Where listeners of pop songs are often more cheerful and try to think positively.

Often changing the taste of music also has an age background. Babies and children are happy and bright, and texts that are easy to understand. In the Teenager alter you tend to be listening to music, depending on how you want to develop. Often this is the way to the middle of the food, and in old age it is often enough to return to simple and cheerful songs.

All in all, our taste for music says a lot about us, but you should not forget to concentrate on the character of each person and do not judge each one only according to his favorite song.